Squatter Evictions

Removing Unwanted Occupiers

Whether your property, be it commercial or residential, has been taken over by squatters – often referred to as ‘persons unknown’ – Eviction Bailiffs is your trusted partner for the swift and lawful removal of such illegal occupiers.

National Squatter Eviction Services

We handle squatter eviction cases throughout the UK. Each week, we receive instructions from landlords, managing agents, and solicitors to carry out squatter eviction work in various locations across England and Wales. Our extensive experience and knowledge in this field enable us to efficiently manage these often delicate and complex situations.

The Legal Process

In most cases, the eviction of squatters necessitates initiating court proceedings within the county court to obtain full possession of your property. Following this, we may proceed to apply for a high court writ of possession, which grants us the authority to evict the occupiers from your property.

Swift and Common Law Solutions

However, there are instances where we can evict squatters without the need for protracted court proceedings. This approach is carried out under common law and is contingent on several factors. The key advantage is the expedited resolution that common law affords in comparison to traditional legal processes.

Exploring Your Options

If you find yourself dealing with squatters and would like to explore the best options available for your specific situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We understand the urgency and complexities surrounding squatter evictions and are here to provide you with guidance and expertise tailored to your needs.

Get the assistance you need to swiftly and legally remove squatters from your land and property. Contact us today, and let Eviction Bailiffs be your partner in resolving these challenging and potentially disruptive situations.

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