Traveller/Gypsy Evictions

Nationwide Traveller Evictions

Do you find Travellers encamped on your land? At Eviction Bailiffs, we provide a tailored eviction service, extending to both new and existing clients across England and Wales. We are well-versed in handling numerous eviction instructions on a weekly basis, serving a diverse clientele that includes local authorities, parish councils, managing agents, and private landowners.

Decades of Expertise

Our combined experience of 30 years in removing Travellers/Gypsies and Trespassers from land underscores our proficiency in this specialized field. In a remarkable 99% of cases, we gain lawful possession within just 24 hours of being instructed. We pride ourselves on swift, efficient, and legal solutions that provide you with peace of mind.

Eviction of Travellers from Private Land

Common Law Approach

The preferred method for evicting Travellers from private land is under Common Law (Halsbury’s Law of England Volume 97, 2020, 5th Edition). This approach allows a landowner or their agent (Bailiff) to exercise the right to remove illegal occupiers or encampments with no more force than is necessary, without the need for lengthy legal processes or court orders. We ensure a lawful eviction process that respects both property rights and legal boundaries.

Local Authority Land

Sections 77-78 Criminal Justice & Public Order Act 1994

When dealing with unauthorised encampments on local authority land, we turn to Sections 77-78 of the Criminal Justice & Public Order Act 1994. This legal framework empowers local authorities to address encampments within their boundaries.

This process is particularly effective when individuals can be identified. Our Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) play a crucial role in enforcing these provisions. The process involves the local authority issuing an order for the Trespassers to vacate the land immediately. If they fail to comply, the authority seeks an order from the nearest Magistrates’ Court, compelling the Trespassers to leave.

Should the Trespassers still not comply, officers, agents, or contractors of the local authority are authorized to enter the land and take necessary steps to ensure the removal of the individuals, their property, and vehicles. Notably, if a Trespasser is evicted through this method and returns within three months, criminal sanctions apply, offering additional protection and legal recourse for landowners.

At Eviction Bailiffs, we understand the complexities of handling Traveller/Gypsy evictions and are dedicated to providing you with the support and expertise needed to navigate these challenging situations.

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