Vacant Property Security

Protecting Vacant Properties

Vacant properties, left unattended, often become easy targets for unauthorised visitors, leading to vandalism, trespassing, and costly repairs. At Eviction Bailiffs, we understand the frustrations and expenses that come with these situations. We believe that property owners should have the tools and support needed to safeguard their assets effectively, and we offer a range of solutions to achieve just that.

Simple, Effective Solutions: By implementing straightforward yet highly effective deterrents, such as steel security measures and cutting-edge technological solutions, property owners can cost-effectively protect, manage, and monitor their valuable assets.

Cost-Efficient Solutions: At Eviction Bailiffs, we can save you significant costs compared to traditional safety and security measures. We achieve this by offering a mix of technological solutions and experienced, customer-focused teams that provide cost-effective property security and protection. Our goal is to minimize your expenses while maximizing the safety of your vacant property.

Integrated, Comprehensive Solutions: We offer a fully integrated, cost-effective solution for maintaining the security of both public sector and residential property portfolios. Our services encompass a wide range of solutions to protect, monitor, and maintain your assets. These include:

Cutting-Edge Alarms: We provide the latest in alarm systems to keep your property protected around the clock.

Innovative Steel Products: Our range of steel security solutions is designed to safeguard your property against trespassers and vandals.

Experienced Guards: If you require a physical presence to protect your property, our well-trained, professional security teams are at your service.

In addition to our security services, we offer a comprehensive suite of additional services, such as risk assessments, managing service shutdowns, and property cleaning, to ensure your building is in optimal condition for re-occupancy or resale. Our holistic approach to property security and management ensures that your assets remain safe, well-preserved, and ready for their next phase of use.

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